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Mirror Doors

Our Mirror doors are a DIY product and are easy to install.


These mirrored doors would be ideal for wardrobes and are supplied with laminated backed mirrors (BS 6206a) and steel frames in a range of foil and paint finishes, including gold, titanium, white, and black (kew). It is important to have a head height of 90 inches, an adjustment can be made to 89.5 inches. These doors are suitable for most widths by adjusting the overlap accordingly.


This is a product that needs to be collected from one of our stores as the mirrors are fragile and must be transported correctly. Contact us to learn more and place your order.


Doors Prices




Black (Kew)

2ft Mirror Door





3ft Mirror Door









Track Prices

White / Gold / Titanium / Black

6ft Track


9ft Track


12ft Track